Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Does dominos pizza still have the 555 deal?

Yes, they do. I was just looking at my newspaper and they had an ad in it for the 555 deal.Does dominos pizza still have the 555 deal?
They still have it at the store I work at, but it's now 5.55 per pizza.

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I think only on Tuesdays.Does dominos pizza still have the 555 deal?
Yes they do have the 555 deal.
yes but you must ask for it... but in my area its gone up from 5 bucks to 5.50 each but still great pizza :))))))))))))))))
yes they do. i get those deals all the time. while reading your responses, pick up you phone and order a few.
sADLy No!!!!~

My sTomach is growling!!!

But they do have the 7-7-7 deal~

hope i helped~

yes they do.
I just called my local Dominoes in California and they said they stopped it!

I am furious!!!
Ive noticed that all area's are different. Here where I live they still have the 555 deal which is a total steal I think.
They do not have it anymore. All they have is the 777 deal. (pepperoni counts as two toppings).
ya they still do
dont know
Yes. Domino's still has the 555 deal.

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