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How many pizzas from Papa Johns will feed 50 people?

I am trying to spend under 60.00 for 50 people at Papa Johns. There is a deal for 5 large pizzas with 5 toppings for $50.00 but I think xlarge would be a better size. Please help. Need this for tomorrow.How many pizzas from Papa Johns will feed 50 people?
5 toppings is much, I think you would need 6 pizzas
It is 3 slices per avg adult and 1 1/2 or 2 per kid. Papa Johns Larges are 8 slices a piece and 14 inch pies. So if your having 50 people times 3 slices is 150 slices for adults divided by 8 slices would be around 18 or 19 pies. With kids as well included in the 50 your minimum is about 16 pies

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How many pizzas from Papa Johns will feed 50 people?
Oh and XL is 10 slices and 16 inch pies.

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Your local Papa John's can help you plan your Pizza Party. They may even give you a discount if you ask for one. In my area, Papa John's has 3 Medium Pizzas with up to 5 toppings for $7.00 each.

Domino's has 5 Deals for $5.55 each. It's their Medium 1-topping Pizzas.

Good Luck with your Pizza Party.
Alot depends on their ages, (little kids and elderly folks won't eat much, where as pre-teen through the early twenties will eat lots) and their size (if they are big strapping young men, like football players or other athletes, they'll eat tons!

I would count on about two slices each for the rest!

I hate to this, but I think you are dreaming if you think 5 pizzas are going to feed the average crowd of 50!

Good luck!
i would say you have to atleast expect people to want 2 slices minimum, i wouldnt get less than 12 pizzas for 50 people. 5 pizzas wouldnt even give everyone a slice...
depends if thier FATTIES!!!!!
10 people per way...unless your having other food.

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